Mobile APP Design | Part 1

Objective: Create an APP for a mobile device and design an icon/logo and the interface. Present the product using a PDF file with explanation of each screen to show the full functionality of the APP.

My client is a newly opened catering business in Cary, NC serving the busy people of the city who wish to have a home-made Bulgarian cuisine meal for separate occasions or just for lunch/dinner. The app is called “Taste of Home”. Bringing memories from childhood when Grandma cooked at home, customers can enjoy healthy and hearty meals in the convenience of their home or office without all the hassle of shopping and preparation/cooking.

I have already made a website for the company, and the client wanted me to expand on it and make it a campaign. The app will feature soups, salads, main dishes, spreads, desserts and seasonal items the way there were cooked by grandma. Hearty and healthy, using fresh ingredients these dishes are also mouthwatering!

The APP is designed with busy people in mind and it is simple to use. The customers will have a choice of delivery or take out as well as an option to create an account and when signed in they can customize their meals, save their choices, view previous orders, earn points and use fast checkout.

My original design is for iPhone with screen resolution of 750 x 1334 px.

The layout is minimalist with bigger type size for readability and easy to use.

The color scheme is burned orange, very light beige, white and olive green. All colors found in food and sparking up appetite!

Step One: Research Phase: Research Apps similar to the one the I want to design and how they work. Begin story-boarding. Include what User-Interface elements may be needed.

Step Two: Working Phase: Begin designing the logo for the APP, and fleshing out the storyboard of how their APP will work. Build finished APP logo into an icon and place it in situ on device home screen. Build own materials from scratch. (In Situ means using it in a real-life situation, such as on a phone screen with many other app icons— in the situation it would likely be found).

Step Three: Refinement Phase: Finish designing screens and begin laying out work with explanations in a print-ready PDF. Critique and check work to ensure clarity of explanation has been achieved. The thrust of this exercise is the app experience and its screens, not the logo.

Step Four: Presentation Phase: Upload finalized high-resolution, print-ready PDF on Social Media for viewing and discussion.




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