Logo Design – CTSC | Part 1

Objective: Create a logo for a Computer Technology tutoring/learning center located on Wake Tech campuses.

The key words when I was brainstorming were Networking, Programming, Computer Technologies…

I have created eighty sketches fir this project. Something that I have never done before and I have really pushed myself to not only come up with any ideas, but with quality ones. I have researched the above key words and the associated images to get a clear idea of how to represent the concept of what the client had in mind.

Some of my ideas are variations of one of the sketches, which I wanted to see refined, at a different angle or placement of the elements.
From the first forty sketches #6 was one of the most liked. My personal favorite …well they are quite many….2, 43, 50, 62, 75, 78.



Client Worksheet: 

Project Summary

Q: What type of product or service do you offer?  

A: Skills center for computer technologies students. 

How long have you been in business?  

This is a new center opening called Computer Tech Skills Center 

What do you hope to accomplish with your logo design?

Create a simple technology logo that will be recognized across all campuses; eventually we hope to open more centers on more campuses 

What are your long term goals?

Provide instructor tutoring help for computer students, particularly networking and programming students

Audience Profile

Please describe your existing audience: 

Computer Technologies students.  Average age 29 

Who would you like to add to your audience?

All computer technology students from all Computer Technology programs


What type of design would you like? 

A simple design that can be easily recognized by students regardless of what campus they are on.

Do you have any colors in mind for your design? (if so, why?):  

Wake Tech colors are fine; blue and gold 

Do you have any specific images or icons in mind that you would definitely like to see incorporated into your logo design? 

Not really, we are pretty open-minded at this time


Communication Strategy

What attributes would you like your design to reflect about your business?

Help for  students

What is your tagline or slogan or mission statement?

“Gain a competitive edge”

What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? 

That help is available

Where will your new design be used?  

At the skills center which will start on main campus in ETB 229.  We hope to expand to North Campus and RTP in time.

Competitive Positioning

Who are your competitors and what do you think about their logos/identity?  I guess you can say the ILC is a competitor and maybe even the other Success Centers. 

List competitive URLs if possible:

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

What will set us apart is that the ILC does not have networking equipment so they are unable to help our networking students.  Also, there will be more opportunities for programming students because the ILC does not have much to offer in the way of programming help.

Any related logo design examples that you admire. Copy and paste in an example(s) if possible.

Targeted Message

State a single-minded word or phrase that will appropriately describe your company/organization:

Gain a Competitive Edge – not really a word but it’s our division slogan

Thought about ‘TECH’ but can’t think of the words that would apply

Also thought about TLC – Transforming Lives through Computers

Additional Comments

Small Updates to clarify the Computer Tech Skills Center

In discussing this material with the Dean of the Computer Technologies Division, I’ve come away with the following materials:

  • The Skills Center will be offering Tutoring Assistance for Students
  • Once successful, this logo will need to be usable across Multiple Campuses. So, consider adding a line which says “South Campus” under the logo (we will have 7 campuses once the RTP campus is finished), and each may have this lab
  • As noted in the sheet, this center will mostly be used for Networking and Programming Students. Do a few designs which lean in that direction
  • The ILC and other centers are our competitors. Our materials must far outstrip theses materials on all accounts

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