Graphic Standards Manual | Part 2


I am designing a GSM with a modern look. Since the company wants to make a comeback to the market after a few years of inactivity, they need to come back strong, compatible and competitive with today’s market.

The font used on the logo is Bodega Sans Black font. I am pairing it with Roboto Condensed for the subhead and body copy because it offers a great readability and little bit more rounded shape and lower ex-height in contrast to Bodega. For the color scheme, I am sticking with the original colors of the logo – red, white and black, but I also added middle gray and petroleum green to offset the red.

Back cover has white background with larger logo and slogan.

Now that I see it completed I think that I should add contact information for easy reference.

Here are all the pages that I have designed for this booklet

GSM_6.25_guide pages_outline2GSM_6.25_guide pages_outline3GSM_6.25_guide pages_outline4GSM_6.25_guide pages_outline5GSM_6.25_guide pages_outline6GSM_6.25_guide pages_outline7


Front Cover


Back Cover



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