Graphic Standards Manual | Part 1

Objective: Create a GSM for Crucible— a design competition company.

Info: In the past (2006-2009), this group ran design competitions (forms, websites, print and magazine designs, television adverts, etc.). Now it is 2015 and they’re opening their doors again. Next year they will expand to a market in San Francisco. Having this GSM will assure maintaining consistency across multiple offices in different parts of the country.

I have decided on a square booklet – 6.25in x 6.25in. because it is easy to hold, it is small enough to keep anywhere, but big enough for the purpose. I am starting with 12 pages and will expand as needed.

After looking at several GSMs I have also created a quick reference content guide:

1. Logo

logo on black, logo on white, logo color – monochromatic, logo color – variations, acceptable colors, variations, what not to do, Sizes (min. size) and clearance space

2. Color palette

3. Typography, Type studies – Example
acceptable colors
Acceptable sizes

4. Pattern (if any)

5. Iconography (if any)

6. Applications, Backgrounds (photo background), Stationary, Business cards

7. Summary and Contact

Here is my initial page layout and thinking process




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