Book Cover – Empty Book Project | Part 2

After my initial ideas of absurd titles, I have switched to an innovative approach. My thinking process was that when you open the book you see nothing but white pages. I asked myself “What title would correspond to the color white, or absolute blank/nothing?” Some of the phrases that came to my mind were:

“Before the beginning”

“After the end”

What is there past the end of the world?

“Looking at the sun”

“During meditation”

“Polar bears on white snow”

“The color of Heaven”

“Pure light”

 On first thought I like almost all ideas on the first page. I guess 2, 5, 8.  Also 10, 37, 39.

After some thoughtful considerations, I chose to design a cover on the polar bear idea. I always wanted to make a children’s book, so I thought that the polar bear idea would appeal to a kid’s audience. I have changed the title from “Polar bears on white snow” to “Winter, snow and … polar bears” to make it more interesting and a bit mysterious. Again, the idea here was white on white, therefore I have designed a white book cover with only the silhouettes of the text and the polar bear.


After I have completed the cover it seemed too plain and boring with poor readability and contrast. I added light blue as a background to made the white more prominent.


This was a good brain exercise and I can not wait to make this a finished product.


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