Product Label | Pecan Pie Vodka | Part 1

Objective:  Create bottle labels for a local distillery. “Seventy Eight °C Spirits”, Inc. located in Raleigh, NC is looking to re-brand their product – Pecan Pie Vodka, made for a limited run at Angus Barn Restaurant. The owner is considering prepping it for ABC store sales.

Since the main visitors of Angus Barn are upper class business clients, that would be the main target audience for the product.

For my design I am considering a clear label consisting of front and back parts. I chose a gender neutral and eye catching label that is modern and appealing to the consumers. Minimalist graphic elements – a pecan and a leaf would enhance the Typography. The product name would be placed vertically on the front label with information about the company, alcohol content by volume and proof below and to it’s sides. Also type of liqueur, what material was the liquor distilled from and volume of the bottle. On the back label will be the government warning, bar code and distillery name, info and address.

Sketches: I have sketched 40 ideas for the front label. Here my thoughts on the vodka label. I was trying to stay close to the initial assignment and did not change the name. I am going for more contemporary design, but in some places I was trying to incorporate rustic feel to it too. My color scheme for the contemporary designs is actually consisting of two colors – black and rose gold/copper. Otherwise white and brown for the pecans, and green for the leaves. My favorite designs are #16, 22, 39.


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