Real Problems, Real Solutions | Part 2

I have created a new logo for the Safe Child organization which is more contemporary, more streamlined and easier to incorporate in different shapes like circles (for buttons, stickers, stamps), also square ones. The new logo features the palms of hands, nurturing a child. “Nurture” is the main idea in the organization, therefore I incorporated nurturing hands as a focal point. I kept the original colors – green and blue, used for the original logo on the company’s web site.

I have designed two different stickers. The first one has the new logo and company information. The second one has a call to action to say “No” to and prevent child abuse.

A button that people can wear will have a similar call to action, but with a “STOP” sign and the company info.

Lastly I have designed a bumper sticker that people can put on their cars to show their support to the organization and share their believes.

A T-Shirt with the company logo and information can be worn by volunteers, staff members and people who went trough the program to spread the word about the organization and bring awareness to the cause.

Phase three: create three digital roughs based on chosen sketches.

Phase Four: Refine ideas and produce final designs. 



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