Short Branding Project

Situation: Your boss has a meeting with a client, Junior Aquatics, in 30 minutes!. You know they want to talk with about branding themselves, and you really want to impress them with your abilities. Create 3 pieces of branding for them, one of which must be a shirt. Materials must be appropriate to the client. You will of course be judged on quality of presentation. Consider the following when building your designs:

1) Research. What branding items are appropriate besides shirts? Where will you find the images/graphics you will need? How can you find the most appropriate items to really impress your client at this first meeting?

2) Formatting your Designs. How will your minimum 3 branding pieces be presented? will they be in a single image/pdf or will they be separate?

3) The Quality of the Branding. How diverse will your branding be? What is the quality of the work, and how can you convey that with images and/or text?

4) The Designs Themselves. How will you work with the image provided? how will you integrate the image provided with the branding you are choosing? How awesome do they look.

5) Your Presentation. Will the materials appear by themselves, or are they branded to you/your company? Are they branded for the client? Do they need text explanations?

This  project was the first short term project that I had to do for 30 min. It was challenging because I was not sure what the final outcome must be, and I could not ask in timely manner if I am allowed to change the logo’s colors, separate elements and so forth. My mistake is that I chose a black T-shirt mock up, and black draw-string bag and placed the logo on them as is. If I have picked white or any other light color that could have worked. Lesson learned! Continuing on…


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