3 things I am passionate about

These are three causes  I am passionate about:

1. Safe Child is a local organization that fights child abuse and helps parents understand better their children. Their courses are called the Nurturing Program and their motto is “Building stronger families”. It is surprising to me that in our “civilized” world so many children are abused. Educating parents is key in child abuse prevention. I feel that there needs to be more advertisement about this issue. I don’t think that people do not care about child abuse, but the society does not even imagine how serious the problem is. According to statistics 1/3 of girls and 1/5 of boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. If people knew more about this, there would be more help. Supporting this cause would help bring more funds for more advertisement to bring awareness, help families in need, and organize more classes. One of their initiatives “Funny Tummy Feelings” offered to first-graders is already well known in the Triangle and it has empowered about 7000 children. http://www.safechildnc.org

2. Corral is another local charity organization that specializes in rescuing abused young girls and abused horses and bringing them together so they can learn to trust again. It teaches the girls life-long skills and trough the connection with the horses they learn not only how to ride, but also how to become responsible adults, leadership skills as well as day-to-day operations at the farm. Corral is probably one of the most empowering organizations to me because it brings back smiles on the faces of these young girls and gives them a reason to go on, instead of giving up. Again, this organization is not well known around and more advertising will bring more funds to help even more girls and horses in need. Supporting this cause can make a difference in the lives of both. http://corralriding.org/

3. Saving the Planet. I am not involved in any organization so far, but I do my best to lead by example and teach my kids to recycle, to conserve resources, not to litter and so on. There are many things that we can do on daily basis like bring your own bags to the grocery store and not using plastic bags. Filter our water instead of buying bottled water. Try to buy as much produce at the Farmer’s market and products with no or less packaging. Buy locally manufactured goods. Take short showers, and turn the water off when shampooing. Cook at home to reduce cost, teach healthy eating habits and reduce packaging waste. Recycle


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